Sunday, September 7, 2014

Police Raid British Pub Looking for ‘Holy Grail’!

By Ritoban Mukherjee
One of the most ridiculous titles you’ll be setting eyes on. But the actual incident may not seem as weird.
Herefordshire’s Crown Inn was swarming with police officers this week as they overtoppled furniture, peeped under floorboards and used fiber-optic cameras to examine the crannies. All to find the mighty, the divine- Holy Grail.
The Nanteous Cup, a medieval wooden bowl, well, not quite a bowl, as half of it has broken off, is a historic relic that has been held in the Nanteos Mansion in Wales for centuries, ever since it was brought to them by monks in the sixteenth century. Myth has surrounded the relic, and it is believed that it can heal anyone who drinks from it. It is one of those most likely candidates for the Holy Grail.
The celebrated curio was stolen a month ago, and the police raided the Inn after receiving a tip-off that it might be located there.
Unfortunately, their searches proved futile, as pub landlady DI Franklyn says:
“We get a few rogues and scallywags in the pub, but no one who’s quite on the level of stealing a priceless ancient artifact.”

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Gill Padilla: Ghosts: Do They Exist?

By Chris Savia
For the longest time, humans have wondered that very thing since the dawn of time. No one as of yet has been able to prove that ghosts or spirits, if you will, exist definitively to this very day. Technology has not yet gotten to the point of proving if they are real or not.
It has been hypothesized in main stream science that it is theoretically possible to communicate with other dimensions that exist out there in the String Theory concept. Basically String Theory states that there are at least 7 other dimensions out and multiple universes with their own time and space out there that are unseen and undetectable to science at this present time. Within this, it has been hypothesized that when a person dies, they travel to the next dimension or universe of existence and so on and so forth. Another theory, The Big Bang Theory states that universe expands and contracts at a constant rate. Now if we combine these two theories, isn’t it possible that what we call ghosts really aren’t ghost or spirits.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

'Space City' Houston UFOs Look For An Explanation

When UFOs fly over a metropolitan area known as "Space City," it's safe to assume explanations for the sightings also will fly.

During an Aug. 11 rain storm in Houston, some odd lights were photographed above the city that's home to the Johnson Space Center, headquarters of NASA's Mission Control. Groups of aerial lights were seen maneuvering and changing their configurations in the sky, while others were photographed in a distinct circular pattern.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Many Faces of Hat Man

By Aaron Elliott
 on Twitter! 

Hat man is a notorious, dark entity sighted all around the world by thousands of people every year. The creature/man, or entity lurks among the shadows and lingers in your room, house or sometimes your dreams.

Below are some of the pictures that are found around the world by those who have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hat Man. Keep note of one similarity... the hat is always with him...


It's just something about that oil! 

"WASHINGTON (AP) — For years, Kurdish officials have beseeched the Obama administration to let them buy U.S. weapons. For just as long, the administration has rebuffed America's closest allies in Iraq.
U.S. officials insisted they could only sell arms to the government in Baghdad, even after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki broke a written promise to deliver some of them to the Kurds. Their peaceful, semi-autonomous northern region had been the lone success story to come out of the 2003 U.S. invasion.
Now, the administration is confronting the consequences of that policy."

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Truth About Consciousness and Spirituality: David Icke Part 1

In this video Luke Rudkowski meets David Icke on the Isle of Wight to continue there conversation from last year about consciousnesses and spirituality. This is part one of the conversation part two will be out tomorrow.

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions In Its Wake

When a UFO video seems too good to be true -- is it?
We've pointed out many times how difficult it is to identify hoaxes among UFO photos and videos, and computer technology has just added to the confusion. With the right app or Photoshop elements, even youngsters can create and post real-looking, out-of-this-world UFOs to YouTube faster than you can say, "ET, phone home." But the footage doesn't always hold up under expert scrutiny.
Consider this recent example: A triangular UFO was reportedly videotaped over Kassel, Germany, on June 26 by a man who was taping his son playing in a park, reports the International Business Times.
Watch the triangle UFO here.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crop Circle In Germany Probably Created By Meddling Youths (PHOTO)

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of people are trekking to a Bavarian farmer's field to check out a mysterious set of crop circles.
The ornate design was discovered by a balloonist last week and news of the find quickly spread online.

Seeing Fairies… On Your Deathbed?

By Chris Savia
Marjorie T. Johnson a longtime member of the Fairy Investigation Society, collected tales from far and wide of humans encountering the Good Folk. Never call them fairies, because then they will act like fairies. Her opus illustrates her passion for the Good Folk, complimented by her joyful prose outlining these unique encounters.
Since this is a treasury of eyewitness accounts, one can apply Fort’s dictum “One measures a circle beginning anywhere” by flipping to a page at random to be enchanted by a tale or two. Iconoclastically, I’ve been plowing through from page one, making note of my favorite accounts.
One early tale stands out, relating to end-of-life experiences. A woman reflects upon her youth when her father moved the family to England, and her mother didn’t take the move very well. See for yourself.

Demon Txts “I H8 U” 2 Exorcist!

By Chris Savia 
Exorcisms are all the rage, so it’s only natural some priests will be feeling some rage from their nemeses.
Consider the plight of Father Marian Rajchel, representing the good parishoners of Jaroslaw, Poland, who recently applied the power of Christ to compel an evil spirit out of a teenage girl.
It appears Beelzebub’s nephew is, rightfully, pissed off, and taking it out on the preacher via texts.
“Shut up, preacher. And so all do not save yourselves. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher, you are weak!”
“And so back to me, do not come out of this hell. She’s mine, has signed a pact with the devil. Anyone who will pray for her, die!”
“Tomorrow you die!”
Fr. Rajchel is taking things in stride, believing this is a case of automatic writing and the victim doesn’t know what she’s sending from her phone.
Looks like an exorcist’s work is never done. Tell us about the strange texts you’ve received from beyond the grave, or from some creep on Craigslist. Hit us up on FacebookTwitter, or in the comments below!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Google's New Moonshot Project: the Human Body

Google Inc. has embarked on what may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever: a quest inside the human body.
Called Baseline Study, the project will collect anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people—and later thousands more—to create what the company hopes will be the fullest picture of what a healthy human being should be.
The early-stage project is run by Andrew Conrad, a 50-year-old molecular biologist who pioneered cheap, high-volume tests for HIV in blood-plasma donations.
Dr. Conrad joined Google X—the company's research arm—in March 2013, and he has built a team of about 70-to-100 experts from fields including physiology, biochemistry, optics, imaging and molecular biology.
Other mass medical and genomics studies exist. But Baseline will amass a much larger and broader set of new data. The hope is that this will help researchers detect killers such as heart disease and cancer far earlier, pushing medicine more toward prevention rather than the treatment of illness.

We're Pretty Sure These Famous People Are Aliens

(Huff Post) Today happens to be World UFO Day, so forgive us if we seem a little more alert than usual about who walking among us may or may not be... of this world. We've quietly been collecting our evidence, and feel pretty confident in questioning the origins of the following "people."
Ryan Seacrest: Definitely An Alien
Consider the Evidence:
1. Let's get the obvious out of the way: The man has like 20 jobs. When does he sleep? Or even worse, binge-watch a TV show?
2. He just signed a deal with CBS, so now he'll have hosting gigs on all 4 major networks. Whether you like it or not, you're going to be seeing a lot of Seacrest. Evil master plan much?

Who Dwells Within This Secret Garden?

We have read and heard about all kinds of ghost stories. Some ghosts seem to be frightening, while others appear friendly.
I was checking out my Facebook page when I came across this photo of a photo of a garden. A garden with strange light effects. Being the ever so curious me, I decided to take a moment to read the post and examine the photo.
The photo was taken by Evanna from Ohio who has a secret garden she has been tending for the past twenty years. I contacted her about her experience. Evanna claims she stumbled upon the spook while mowing the lawn in her secret garden. When asked her about the location of her secret garden, she said “I can not tell you because it is a secret.” Well I guess it wouldn’t be a secret garden if everyone knew it’s location, right?
She continued; “I kept getting this feeling, a feeling like someone was following me. I was carrying my camera because I love to take pictures of my flowers and trees. I have been working very hard on them for twenty years keeping them up. I felt the presence again and quickly turned around and snapped a photo. When I returned home I placed my SD card into my computer and saw what appeared to be ghost, ghost in my secret garden.”

Beam Me Up: East Aurora Just Got Weirder With UFO Signs!

By Chris Savia
Since the start of summer, citizens of the sleepy burg of East Aurora have been notcing something strange happening in their neighborhood. With summer halfway through, even their local media outlets like WIVB are sitting up and taking notice of the activity.
So far no one has been caught red handed, but Mayor Allan Kasprzak might have a clue.
“I believe it might be the East Aurora Food Cooperative that’s trying to get off the ground. That’s my hunch, but I’m not positive”1
Meanwhile, Sheila Convoy of the East Aurora Cooperative Market Project vehemently denies any involvement in these shenanigans.
While these accusations are surreal, the stuff of a Thornton Wilder novel, there’s something far stranger. According to MUFON there’s only been two reported UFO sightings in the past decade.
This one is from August 25th, 2012:
“I was driving my daughter to her friends apartment and this fireball appeared to the southwest. Daughter and I got out of the car and clearly saw the object. I first thought it might be a meteorite, but the trajectory and sameness of a flight path quickly dispelled that idea. I knew that this was not space debris as the object had a clearly defined shape, although its edges were in constant transmutation, but not severely so. Very odd. Lost sight of it as it went behind some trees, but We quickly got back into the car and turned northward to see it, but nothing there.”2

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The ultimate comeback: Bringing the dead back to life

by David Robson

A radical procedure that involves replacing a patient's blood with cold salt water could retrieve people from the brink of death, says David Robson.

“When you are at 10C, with no brain activity, no heartbeat, no blood – everyone would agree that you’re dead,” says Peter Rhee at the University of Arizona, Tucson. “But we can still bring you back.”
Rhee isn’t exaggerating. With Samuel Tisherman, at the University of Maryland, College Park, he has shown that it’s possible to keep bodies in ‘suspended animation’ for hours at a time. The procedure, so far tested on animals, is about as radical as any medical procedure comes: it involves draining the body of its blood and cooling it more than 20C below normal body temperature.
Once the injury is fixed, blood is pumped once again through the veins, and the body is slowly warmed back up. “As the blood is pumped in, the body turns pink right away,” says Rhee. At a certain temperature, the heart flickers into life of its own accord. “It’s quite curious, at 30C the heart will beat once, as if out of nowhere, then again – then as it gets even warmer it picks up all by itself.” Astonishingly, the animals in their experiments show very few ill-effects once they’ve woken up. “They’d be groggy for a little bit but back to normal the day after,” says Tisherman.
Tisherman created headlines around the world earlier this year, when he announced that they were ready to begin human trials of the technique on gunshot victims in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The first patients will have been so badly wounded that their hearts have stopped beating, meaning that this is their last hope. “Cheating death with ‘suspended animation’” is how CNN put it; “Killing a patient to save his life” was the New York Times’ take.
Hyped up
The news coverage has sometimes offended Tisherman’s cautious sensibility. During our conversation, he comes across as a thoughtful, measured man, who is careful not to oversell his research. He is particularly wary of using the term ‘suspended animation’. “My concern isn’t that it’s inaccurate – it’s that when people think of the term, they think about space travellers being frozen and woken up on Jupiter, or Han Solo in Star Wars,” he says. “That doesn’t help, because it’s important for the public to know it’s not science fiction – it’s based on experimental work and is being studied in a disciplined manner, before we use it to stop people dying.” Rhee, who came to global attention after treating congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after a shooting in 2011, tends to be bolder: he says he wouldn’t rule out longer-term suspended animation, in the distant future. “What we’re doing is beginning part of that experiment.”

Divine Photo Might Show The Pearly Gates!

By DC 

I took this photo myself some years ago. I was traveling east bound on I-90 just around Erie PA when I looked towards the north and saw a strange cloud formation. When I arrived back home I placed the SD card from my phone into my computer to get a better look.

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New Photo May Provide Possible Solution to The Amelia Earhart Disappearance

By Ritoban Mukherjee 
In 1937, the aviation legend Amelia Earhart landed with her navigator Fred Noonan. Her purpose, to embark on a second historical journey to circle the globe.
After Earhart’s somewhat rough landing in Miami, her flight underwent repairs before she could take off for her journey around the world. When the pioneer finally got up on her plane to circumnavigate the globe a second time, she disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, creating one of the most controversial cases of aviation mystery’s in history. Now obviously the typical theory would be that her plane crashed into the ocean and she died from submerging into the sea…
“Okay, okay, I know that story. WHAT’S NEW!?”
However, after Ric Gillespie, a prominent investigator in the case, found remains of an aluminium plate on the Gardner Island, it seemed that maybe, Earhart didn’t die of the crash after all. She survived the crash, climbed ashore the Gardner Island, and died of ordinary causes after being stranded on the uninhabited island for months. But since this aluminium plate was a different composition than Earhart’s original craft, the theory wasn’t considered valid, until now.
This new photograph, revealed recently by the Miami Herald, shows a patch of aluminium bolted on Earhart’s airplane, one which is not shown in any other photographs of the craft. This shows that this metal piece was added to the plane during the repairs in Miami, and wasn’t a part of the original aircraft. This aluminium plate, being the same as the one found on gardner island, substantiates the theory that Amelia, in fact, manages to climb up to the isle before dying.
Tests are still being run to match the rivet pattern in the photo with the aluminium plate found on the island. If matched, this would be a real turning point in the Earhart Disappearance Mystery.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vintage Fringe: Noah’s Ark In Alaska

By Chris Savia
There’s a resurgence of interest in Noah’s ark in the wake of Aronofsky’s epic, evinced by the tidal wave of stories about seeking the old man’s boat via satellite images.1
Of particular interest is Mount Ararat, which are two peaks known as Greater and Lesser, smack-dab at the contentious Turkish-Iranian border. With strained tensions being the order of the day in the mideast, these mountains exist in a no-man’s land since Turkey claims they are strategically important.
Situations like this are beneficial, forcing investigators to think outside of the box. It’s high time they got into a whole other box.
The Evening News of San Jose, Ca from July 2, 1902 shares the story claiming Noah’s ark came aground in Alaska!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gollum-Like Critter Caught On Camera In China

By Chris Savia
A hairless, ugly humanoid, a lot like Gollum, was spotted by a spring a few days ago, causing quite a stir in the People’s Republic of China.
Story goes that a hiker stumbled upon this being while camping in Huairou, near the Great Wall of China.
Considering the quality of the image, i.e. the complete lack of Bigfoot’s defensive blurriness, suggests this could change the face of cryptozoology… or it’s a well-done hoax.
Brace yourself to be disappointed, it’s part of a publicity shoot for a science fiction short.1 Whether this is one of those photos, or someone honestly believed they were making history remains up in the air.

ISIS The Start of World War III?

"In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war."

via WeAreChange, YouTube: