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666 House in Las Vegas

by Aaron Elliott aka Paranormal Man

The 666 house exists directly across the street from Wayne Newton's home within visual distance of his horse stables, and has had many owners over the last 21 years.

Several years ago a severe fire took place on the property which some speculate claimed the lives of the homeless who were living in the home. It is believed they were building fires in the home to stay warm, but ultimately caused their deaths. The home took major damage and part of the roof was caved in. Evidence of the fire is still very apparently today. Scorched black marking run all over the exterior of the home, leaving an very eerie remembrance of the fires destruction.

There have been many different owners since it was built (mostly private sales), and since all the rumor and conjecture over the place has kept construction crews from working on it due to the "haunted" reputation. Recent sales records and appraisal information as of 2004 valued the home just over $450k, but as of this summer due to damage, neglect, and a severely depressed economy in the area the value has plummeted to just over $95k.

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There is additional here-say about the location being overseen by demons hence the origin of it's name as "The 666 house". Supposedly there were financial issues with the original builder which forced him to sell within a year of completion. Unfortunately the home sat vacant for at least 2-3 years and became the site of a major meth-lab. The squatters, in addition to the meth lab, also
allegedly partook in cult-like activities including ritualistic sacrificial ceremonies both on animals and humans. The evidence of such rituals were found when the house was cleared by LVMPD (Las Vegas Metro Police Department). They discovered several incomplete human bodies dismembered and scattered amongst the damage, as well as words, script and drawings on the walls and floors in human blood.

It is also believed that the house back in its first few years was privately owned under the control of the Mafia with very strange happenings. Nearby residents claimed a truck came into the property and men with a sink was removed and blood was still in the pipes. It should come as no surprise considering Las Vegas mob affiliation runs deep all throughout old school Vegas. 6690 S Pecos Rd, 89012 (which is the address of the home) is old school Vegas territory. In-fact famous entertainer and Vegas resident Wayne Newton's ranch "The Shenandoah" is right across the street.

The reason in which the 22,000 sq foot home took on it's 666 name aside from its very sinister past is the address. According to those who are familiar with the home the number plates on the home have been tampered with. The "9" on the address was flipped right side up making a "6" and the "0" was removed completely.

To this day the home still remains boarded up and broken down. Whether or not vacant is unknown, who or what remains inside is the question.


  1. I grew up in Las Vegas and this house has always intrigued me. One year in Halloween I went inside with my friends. Shortly after that the gates around the house went up. I've always wondered why no paranormal investigation has ever been done on this house. It seems so strange that it never was finished and still no investigation has even been attempted.

    1. Was there still blood inside?

  2. This house sounds alot like the Las Vegas home the Ghost Adventures Crew investigated,except this home has been vacant longer and more times.They found a hidden room with a sink and pipes that were full of dried,old blood,so said the prior owners,who were heavily oppressed by the negative presence in their home.It was a killing room for the mob.I bet there are a few other homes in Vegas with a dark past cuz of the mob.

  3. Loved the article. I'm very intrigued by this house and have researched it, but to my disappointment have found very little about it or what went on. I would love to track done the owner and obtain permission to poke around the house.

  4. it is the one that the gac investigated, episode was pretty interesting

  5. For 3 years I drove by this house in my way to and from work. It's always been very spooky in the daylight but I don't even like driving past it at night. The light going down Pecos are minimal at best. Very spooky property but I had never heard about any of this until now however I do remember when it burned.

  6. My cousin is a capt with Metro and that story is all bs. Nothing ever happened at this house. It was made up by the paranormal tour company. Try to find ANY source to that story aside from ghost sites, you can't

  7. I grew up in a Home that was used as a prostitution house back in the 30s and 40s... the activity growing up in that home was not always good. Its located off of charleston and laurel. I dont miss it.... but definetly left me with some good stories to tell.

  8. My friend and I just visited this house last night. The gates were open and we just walked right inside. There was a broken down wall that we walked through to get inside. We heard a loud scream come from the other side of the house and we ran back to my car. After we got to my car we saw a guy walking and we stopped to talk to him. He said he lived right behind the house and didn't hear of it being haunted until that night, when another group of people walked through it and talked with him as well. I asked him if he was the one who screamed and he said yeah he was trying to scare the people from earlier. But the thing is.... It sounded like a little girl screaming, not a fake little girl scream coming from an adult man. Anyways, after talking to him for a minute, we walked back inside with him and walked into the living room, where there was a homemade ouija board and a pentagram "demon trap" spray painted on the floor. Directly behind it was stairs to the basement, blocked off by a door and some wood frames. The inside is not completed at all aside from the stairs. I got a very bad vibe from being in that house, and it could have just been my nerves since I was scared but....Idk it didn't feel safe in there.
    If you like to be creeped out, definitely visit. I am not responsible if you get arrested for trespassing, though.


  10. This 666 House Was Featured On A TV Show Here Is The Video Link


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